16:00 (по Киеву)

Smartcat: Manage and Pay Your Whole Translation Team the Easy Way. UTIC Webinar-2018

Artur Davidenko and Kate Belova

With content volumes and customers’ aspirations to go global growing at an unprecedented pace, translation and localization are becoming increasingly “multiplayer” endeavors. This requires LSPs to manage their translators and project managers in the most streamlined and efficient way. In this webinar, we’ll show how Smartcat perfectly fits this task by providing a free and unlimited workspace for the whole team and allowing you to pay all your freelancers in one click.

About the speakers

Artur Davidenko is a product marketing manager with broad experience in eCommerce and video game projects. In Smartcat, Artur leads the positioning of the company’s various products and services.

Max Morkovkin is an experienced translator, blogger and public speaker. He has been involved with Chinese-Russian and Chinese-English translation since 2010 and has lived and worked in China for seven years. Max previously worked at Wuhan Optics Valley BeiDou Holding Group Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Kingnet Technologies Co., Ltd. He has published articles, taught classes and spoken at conferences. Maxim has a BS degree in Chinese language and an MS degree in business administration from Central China Normal University. He is also active in the field of translation automation tools and is focused on building relationships between Smartcat and customers in Asia. In his free time, Max travels and enjoys playing basketball and climbing. His life motto is: “Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

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