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The Business of Sharing. UTIC Webinar-2018

Jeannette Stewart

The sharing economy is a hot topic, but how does this socio-economic system apply to the language industry? Is the gig economy just another buzzword? Or is it the genuine article? In this webinar, Jeannette Stewart will share her insights on how the language industry is using the sharing economy model. Find out what works and what doesn't in our industry.

Learn about some new ways to enhance our chances of success by leveraging collaboration across this globally-networked world.

About the speaker

Jeannette Stewart is a cofounder of Translation Commons, an online volunteer-based public charity aiming to offer and share tools and resources and to facilitate community initiatives. She is the former CEO of CommuniCare, a life sciences translation company with offices in London, Paris, Athens, Budapest and Los Angeles.

Jeannette has been involved in high-profile projects such as the Genome Project and prototyping the online Unified Submission Process for the European Medicine Agency. She writes a column in MultiLingual Magazine on community initiatives. Jeannette has founded, served on the board of directors, moderated and volunteered in various educational and health charities.