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Grammarly Under the Hood

Oksana Kunikevych
Let’s have a look at linguistics from a different point of view. We invite you to discover computational linguistics and take a glimpse under the hood of Grammarly. What magical spells does it use to detect all text errors and free mankind from grammar illiteracy? Who teaches it to find more and more lawbreaker mistakes?
All the secrets and magic will be revealed! We will talk about what NLP is, why and where we need it, and take a peek into the day of a Computational Linguist.

About the speaker:
After graduating from Lviv Polytechnic National University two years ago, Oksana joined Grammarly as a Computational Linguist. At Grammarly, she is working in the area of Natural Language Processing. Her current projects are focused on error correction and stylistics.
Oksana is also passionate about coding. She is one of the organizers of the DjangoGirls workshops that aim to teach women to code in Python.