UTIC-2017. Troublesome Terps Special Episode. Machine Interpreting Revisited

Jonathan Downie, Alexander C. Gansmeier, Alexander Drechsel
In this webinar, seasoned conference interpreters Jonathan Downie, Alexander Drechsel and Alexander Gansmeier tackle the controversial topic of Machine Interpreting.
Revisiting the subject of their very first episode, the “Troublesome Terps” will fulfill their brief to cover the topics that keep interpreters up at night. With almost twenty episodes under their belt, the “Troublesome Terps” won the 2017 ProZ Community Choice Award for Best Interpreting Podcast.
“Universal translation” apps, gizmos and gadgets from small startups and even heavyweights like Google have been mushrooming recently. Many people in our industry are wondering whether it is only a matter of time before interpreters made of flesh and blood will be replaced by machines.
Jonathan and the two Alexanders will confront the ghosts of interpreting past, present and future and give their two cents (or pence, plus VAT) on how technological progress will impact professional interpreters.

About the speakers
Dr Jonathan Downie
Jonathan is a French-English, English-French consultant conference interpreter, researcher, speaker and writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. A regular on the speaking circuit at translation and interpreting conferences and a familiar face at SME, export and events management conferences too, he loves to provide interpreting for clients for whom it is the difference between success and failure. His first book, Being a Successful Interpreter: Adding Value and Delivering Excellence, was published by Routledge in 2016. He can be found online at www.integritylanguages.co.uk and on twitter at @integlangsbiz.

Alexander Drechsel
Alexander is a staff interpreter at the European Commission, working from English, French and Romanian into his native German. He shares other people's opinions in the interpreting booth, and his own opinions on languages and technology on his website www.adrechsel.de or as @adrechsel on Twitter. He is a member of AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters.

Alexander C. Gansmeier
Alexander is a freelance German-English consultant conference interpreter from Munich, Germany. He specializes in IT, automotive and medical interpreting and is a board member of the German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD) and an active full member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). For more, visit his website www.gansmeier.com or find him on Twitter as @acginterpret.