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Managing your finances as a freelancer. Alessandra Martelli. UTIC-2017

For freelancers, living on a fluctuating income is tricky. While marketing is perceived as high-value activities (and thus pursued enthusiastically), cash flow control is often considered just a pain in the neck – and pushed aside until the next tax return. And yet, finances management is key to achieving long-term goals, and keeping your business safe when rainy days struck. If you’re looking for smarter ways to administer your hard-earned money, we got you covered. On March 23, translator and copywriter Alessandra Martelli will share best practices and resources that will help you:
  • Minimise business risk and non-payment issues
  • Manage a fluctuating income more easily
  • Budget and allocate resources effectively
  • Set sustainable rates and income targets.
Ready to fall back in love with the financial side of freelancing? Join the free webinar, and enjoy practical tips & strategies that will make your life easier! Alessandra Martelli is an Italian translator and copywriter, trading as MTM Translations. She writes and translates marketing and PR copy, tourism texts, and medical content for small businesses and large corporates alike. Alessandra is also a trainer with a background in teaching, and the author of 21 Free Tools for Translators. She launched her solo business in 2002, and still enjoys every minute of it.