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The Future of Project Management in the Age of Automation. UTIC Webinar-2018

Tucker Johnson
The field of project management is constantly evolving. The Age of Automation has brought new challenges and we all have to cope with them.
Project managers fear that automation will ultimately make them redundant or (worse) turn them into soulless button pushers. However, the truth is that project management is more crucial now than ever, even though the required skillset is evolving.
How can project managers make themselves indispensable at a time when more and more work is being performed by machines? As project managers, we have a choice between progressing ourselves or being replaced by machines. In this webinar, participants will learn how to truly thrive in the Age of Automation.

About the speaker
Tucker Johnson is the author of The General Theory of the Translation Company and Managing Director of Nimdzi Insights, which specializes in vendor-side operations, project management, global team management, large program outsourcing and supply chain governance, Tucker eagerly shares his operational experience, whether it is through writing, speaking, teaching or consulting clients.