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The Strengths of the Human Translator and Interpreter in the Age of Machines. UTICamp Webinar-2020

Sarah Bawa Mason

We are at the knee of the curve in the development of artificial intelligence and machine solutions that are likely to deeply change the way we go about our work as translators and interpreters.

This talk will touch upon some of the ways the new technologies will impact upon the day to day work of the jobbing translator and interpreter while highlighting those areas of value that only the humans can bring in to the mix.

The translators and interpreters of the future will need convincing argumentation if they are to convince clients of the worth of their work. This talk will provide ideas on how professional associations can curate these ideas for their members, reinforcing the profession to survive and thrive in the age of the machine.

About the speaker

Sarah Bawa Mason is a freelance translator and editor, a senior lecturer in translation studies at the University of Portsmouth and was, until last year, Chair of the 3,000 member Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) in the UK. She was made a Fellow of the Institute for her sustained contribution to the profession in August 2019.