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How to Convert PDF to Word Format and Prepare It Properly for Translation. UTICamp Webinar-2019

Stanislav Okhvat

The most common and reliable method for converting PDF documents to an editable, translation-ready format is to use specialized PDF conversion software, the most popular of which is ABBYY Finereader. In most cases, automatic conversion is performed, producing quick results but also causing numerous difficulties during editing and translation of the converted document. These difficulties include unstable document layout which gets broken as soon as the text expands or contracts during translation, images that get recognized as text or vice versa, floating textboxes instead of regular flowing text, etc.

To make matters worse, when you produce a Word document and import it into your CAT tool, you will often encounter excessive tags, incorrect segmentation due to paragraph breaks or line breaks, and other issues. Finally, when you resolve all the above issues, the translated document may surprise you with partially invisible text or text that disappears when you or your customer update fields in the document.

During this webinar, you will learn how to use Finereader in order to create translation-friendly Word documents with a proper layout, and how to format them properly before translation in order to avoid excessive tags, incorrect segmentation, partially invisible text, and other issues. You will also learn how to do a quick pre-flight check of your document before it is submitted to the customer.

About the speaker

Stanislav Okhvat is a former technical translator specialized in oil/gas engineering and a DTP specialist with extensive experience of PDF document conversion and document formatting before/after translation. His work in technical translation and DTP led him to develop TransTools and TransTools+ – translation productivity software designed for processing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents before and after translation, quality assurance, translation of AutoCAD and Visio drawings, and automation of other translation tasks. Besides TransTools and other translation productivity software, Stanislav also provides custom software development services and independent technical consulting services for LSPs and self-employed translators.

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