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Localization Engineering: The Magic Secret to Making Translation Faster, Cheaper, and Better Quality. UTICamp Webinar-2019

Oksana Tkach

Technology is a large part of the translation and localization business. From simple extraction of text to neural machine translation — all of this requires a fair amount of technical and linguistic expertise. Oksana will talk about all the small and big ways in which language service providers can use technology to make the translation process better for everybody.

About the speaker

Oksana studied linguistics and worked as a translator and localization specialist at Linguistic Centre and BlaBlaCar. During this time, she shared her experiences in the localization industry as a speaker at the European Commission's Translating Europe Forum and UTICamp 2016. She later went on to study Data Science and Computational Linguistics, and worked as a data scientist before moving on to start her own company called Metamova.

Currently, Metamova is mainly working with Lionbridge to provide localization engineering and development services, but is also collaborating with other LSPs and companies looking to automate their processes and leverage their language data using Natural Language Processing, or to create NLP products like neural or statistical machine translation, chatbots, named entity recognition, relation extraction, sentiment analysis, and many others. Oksana and her team are passionate about the localization business and language technologies, and mean to prove that Data Science and NLP are not always just snake oil, but can actually be of great help to LSPs of any size if implemented correctly and realistically.