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The Fourth Little Pig, or What Exactly We Are Doing Wrong. UTICamp Webinar-2019

Leonid Glazychev

This presentation focuses on the ever-pressing question: “Why is it that we can create wonders, show heroism and do everything perfectly, yet the client is still not happy?”. During this webinar with Leonid Glazychev, CEO at Logrus IT, we will discuss both strategic and tactical misconceptions and common mistakes that project managers make, including issues caused by incomplete cultural compatibility between a foreign or corporate client representative and your local PM. Solutions are suggested to help find a way out of the predicament caused by un- or underappreciated restrained heroism.

About the speaker

Leonid graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), specializing in plasma physics and computer simulation. He started working as an engineer at the Moscow Radiotechnical Institute (MRTI), and two years after his graduation received a Ph.D. in physics and mathematics before becoming a senior research associate. In 1991, he joined one of the first ever software localization projects, which turned out to be a life-changer. In 1993, he co-founded Logrus and has served as the company’s CEO since then. He has been CEO of Logrus IT since 2016.

True to his scientific background, Leonid is continuing to research and publish papers on issues such as Language Quality Assurance methodology, process and metrics, client and project management, industry revelations and myths. His goal is to bring a hard-core, fundamental, objective and unbiased scientific approach and knowledge to areas traditionally occupied by project managers and linguists. Leonid is relentlessly challenging common knowledge, traditional ways and widespread prejudice, and enjoys working with people who demonstrate creative thinking.

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