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Building Sales Teams in Translation Agencies. UTIC Webinar-2018

Ilya Mishchenko and Dmitriy Pavlov

Active sales and account management are growth catalysts for any company, be it an MLV with a complex sales and marketing structure and matrix management, or a small agency where sales are a part-time responsibility of 1 or 2 people. At the same time, a lot of players in our industry struggle when trying to build efficient sales teams, which includes marketing integration, hiring and selection processes, and drafting incentive programmes.

What should you do to be able to hire motivated, loyal, and result-oriented sales people? How can you provide them with practical tools to help them achieve their goals? Ilya Mishchenko and Dmitriy Pavlov will cover these and other topics during the webinar. In their presentation, Ilya and Dmitriy will talk about creating a sales team at Literra Translation Company, a language service provider headquartered in St Petersburg and working on the Russian, Western and Central European, and Chinese markets.

About the speakers

Ilya Mishchenko

Ilya runs Literra’s sales in Europe, the USA, and China. He has been in the industry for over 10 years, during 7 of which he has held management positions at various language service providers. Apart from the position of Managing Director at Literra Translation Company (St Petersburg, Russia), he is also involved with several public initiatives, serving as Chairman of St Petersburg branch of the Translators Union of Russia (UTR), sitting on the UTR Board, and functioning as Co-Chairman of FIT ISO Standing Committee. Ilya is also co-organiser of the St Petersburg Translation Club, a member of the Association of Translation Teachers, and one of the authors of Principles for Translation and Transliteration of St Petersburg Toponyms into English. Spheres of interest: Simplified Technical English, standardisation in translation and localisation, translation of toponyms.

Dmitriy Pavlov

Dmitriy is the Sales Director at Literra Translation Company and has 10 years of B2B sales on the Russian and European markets under his belt. He has been involved with the translation and localisation industry for over 5 years, managing to build a successful sales team in one of the largest language service providers in the CIS, and then considerably growing direct sales at Literra while streamlining its language and translators training business. Dmitriy is an advocate of a combining classical sales methodology and cutting-edge techniques for prospecting and attracting new customers. He devotes much attention to a project-based approach when tackling clients from major verticals. Spheres of interest: sales techniques, specialised software for automating sales processes, management, building successful sales and account management teams.