How To Act In a World That Has Changed: Expert Advice For the Translation Business. UTIConnect Webinar-2020

Leonid Glazychev, Sabina Jasinska, Konstantin Dranch

We’re adjusting to a new reality and we’ll have to find solutions in order to support each other. UTIConnect online meetings is one such solution to keep our connections live.

Our guests Leonid Glazychev, Konstantin Dranch and Sabina Jasinska will discuss how to adapt to the changes in the most effective way and how to act to minimise losses in this situation.

About the speakers

Leonid Glazychev (CEO at Logrus IT)

Leonid graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), specializing in plasma physics and computer simulation. He started working as an engineer at the Moscow Radiotechnical Institute (MRTI).

In 1991, he joined one of the first ever software localization projects, which turned out to be a life-changer. In 1993, he co-founded Logrus and has served as the company’s CEO since then. He has been CEO of Logrus IT since 2016.

True to his scientific background, Leonid is continuing to research and publish papers on issues such as Language Quality Assurance methodology, process and metrics, client and project management, industry revelations and myths. His goal is to bring a hard-core, fundamental, objective and unbiased scientific approach and knowledge to areas traditionally occupied by project managers and linguists. Leonid is relentlessly challenging common knowledge, traditional ways and widespread prejudice, and enjoys working with people who demonstrate creative thinking.

Sabina Jasinska

Sabina is an international marketing leader with experience in managing global marketing and operations teams and activities for top LSPs: Donnelley Language Solutions, SDL and Welocalize. Her specialization is driving year-on-year, double-digit growth in the rapidly evolving translations industry by capitalizing on regulatory changes and marketing trends. She’s currently lecturing marketing strategy at the MBA Program at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland.

One of Sabina's passions is building communities - that's why she dedicated her time as a member of the Board of Directors of GALA, Translation Commons and the advisory board of the Localization Institute. She is also an active member of the largest grassroots movement in Poland, campaigning for the preservation of parks and historical monuments.

Konstantin Dranch (Localization industry researcher)

A specialist market researcher in the localization since 2010, Konstantin is the person with figures and measures for the industry. He can provide a neutral and informed outlook at the trends in business and technology and go beyond the hype and marketing messages of numerous providers in this area. A linguist by education and a business journalist by first profession, he worked as a strategist in a language technology company, and he helped create two national translation and interpreting conferences.

Working with national associations of translation companies, he delivered reports on regional markets in the UK, France, Finland, Portugal, the Baltics and now in the US, and, of course, global market research with Nimdzi Insights.